ROCKFON develop integrated ceiling solutions that create safer and more favorable indoor environments. ROCKFON suspended ceilings are applied in a variety of demanding building types, such as: office, education, retail, sport and leisure, as well as healthcare sector and industrial facilities.Thanks to the excellent properties of Rockwool stone wool ceiling tiles, there is no need to choose between safety and design. ROCKFON ceilings ensure comfort to its customers, quick and easy installation for the installers and unlimited possibilities for interior designers.

The importance of acoustics

Acoustic correction is a necessary part of creating good indoor environments

Rockfon provides excellent acoustic properties

Stone wool is by nature a highly sound-absorbent material providing Rockfon ceilings excellent acoustic properties. This allows you to achieve a high level of acoustical comfort without having to use ceilings with dimples, perforations or holes. The acoustical ratings of Rockfon products have been tested in independent and certified laboratories.

  • In schools, up to 70% of the consonants spoken by teachers cannot be heard by pupils(1)

  • In hospital environments, noise control is very important to the recovery of patients as “unwanted sound” can increase heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate(2)

  • In offices, 70% of employees believe that their productivity would be higher if their environment was less noisy(3)

  • In open plan offices, 60% of employees say that noise is the single most disturbing factor(4)