Indoor air quality

Rockfon products contribute positively to the indoor climate

Although we cannot control the quality of the outside air or ventilation, we can ensure that our products contribute positively to the indoor climate regardless of where they are installed.

  • All Rockfon products fulfil E1 classification, guaranteeing that they exceed European Union requirements for formaldehyde emission.

  • The strict Finnish Indoor Climate label, M1 and the Indoor Climate Label have been attributed to a representative panel of Rockfon products, showing that they go beyond legal requirements for substance emissions in indoor environments.

  • Some Rockfon products are classified ISO Class 5 or better, meeting cleanroom requirements for particle emissions.

    Clean room classificationsISO 14644–1
    ISO ClassIndustry application areas123Micro electronics45Pharmaceutical6Electronics and food7Automotive and space89

  • Rockfon does not use photocatalysts, as scientific studies have found they can contribute to secondary emissions that are detrimental to human health. (WHO 1989, Wolkoff et al 1997).

Declassification of stone wool

Declassification of stone wool: All Rockfon stone wool is certified to be bio-soluble. Furthermore, the International Centre for Cancer Research has classified that ROCKWOOL stone wool has no carcinogenic impact.